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Happy Matricide

Jared Eng stands accused of killing his mother​ and cleaning up the scene with the help of a friend and his girlfriend.

Instagram picture of Jared Eng with his mother Paula Chin in happier times.

"You gave birth to your own death," Electra Euripides warned mothers of homicidal maniacs. 

By and large, society is still shocked when a child kills their mother. The female parent is still, by and large, considered a beloved member of the family surpassed in the love metric by only grandmothers. Still, not every mother is created equal; while some are kind and loving, others are evil and out for themselves. It's all a matter of perception and analyzing their action. 22-year-old Jared Eng thought that his mother was evil, though publicly he denies this because she threatened his inheritance. Would that lead him to kill his mother? Prosecutors say yes and allege that his girlfriend, along with another friend, helped him move the body.

For those that knew Paula Chin, they saw a woman with her life together. The happy facade hid a growing worry that her son, Jared Eng, would waste his life playing video games and chasing girls. There were some intense mother and son fights about his future, according to neighbors. However, the love that shone through made those fights almost inconsequential.

When Jared began dating Caitlyn O'Rourke, a 21-year-old college student, that seemed to calm the waters. There was still the matter of Jared not having any ambition, beyond getting the latest video game or the newest game console. Most tried to assure the matriarch that he was just going through a phase and that Caitlyn would soon make him see that he needed a good job and career. The love of a good woman and all that.

Paula had every reason to worry. She decided a tough love approach to deal with her errant son was the way to go. After traveling from a suburb in New Jersey to the Tribeca neighborhood in Manhattan, Paula let her son know that he would need to vacate the apartment that she had bought there, and he would need to start working because he was being cut off financially. This would include the inheritance from his father who had passed when Jared was just 12. As one can imagine, a lead balloon had a better chance of floating than this piece of information. Jared was incensed.

This is where prosecutors allege that Jared slit his mother's throat. After that deed was done, the newly orphaned young man texted his girlfriend about what had happened. As if he finally realized that he had killed a person and that police might have a question about his missing mother, Jared started to clean up the crime scene.

He did this with the help of another female friend of his, 18-year-old Jennifer Lopez. There is no evidence that Jennifer was anything more than a friend to Jared, but helping someone clean up a murder scene does lead credence to the theory that they were having an affair of some sort. In any case, Jennifer helped to get the body into a duffle bag, which Jared is seen carrying out to the family car a short time later. After the duo finished clumsily cleaning up the scene, they drove the corpse of Paula back to the New Jersey home where she had spent most of her time.

Once they were there, the duffle bag and Paula's body were dumped into a trash bin. It shows how little Jared thought of his mother at this point that he literally dumped his mother's body into the trash as if this were something completely normal. If another family member hadn't called in a missing person's report, when they hadn't heard from Paula, her body might have ended up in a landfill somewhere. The police went to the apartment in Tribeca and found splatters of blood in the garage and around the apartment. They decided to check out the family home, and that is when they made the grisly discovery of Paula's body.

Investigators watched the tape of Jared loading the bloody duffle bag into the car and saw Jennifer getting in the vehicle with him. Caitlyn, for her part, said that Jared called her, and on speakerphone, said that the mess from his mother's murder had been cleaned up. All three are currently being charged with tampering with evidence and concealment of a corpse. Jared faces murder charges, pending an autopsy report being done as of press time. Sadly, Paula gave birth to her own death.

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Happy Matricide
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