I wonder what I have done to this woman that I love.

As I looked down into her lifeless body, I wonder what I have done to this woman that I love. I take a bite, then drop her heart and gently kiss her soft cheek. "I'm sorry for what I have done to you," I whisper in her ear sweetly. "Now your soul will be one with mine for eternity." Maybe I should have just left like she asked me to. "My sweet love, I know I should have left, you asked so many times, but I had no choice, you just kept laughing at me. Now look at what I have done to you. I will never forgive myself for this."

(Panicking) What do I do now? What should I do with her body? I don't want to move you, you look like an angel, with your beautiful blue eyes now black.....lifeless... (Crying) I don't want your family to find you this way. Oh God, your mother! Your kitties... What will they do without you?

Should I hide you and clean up? Go on the run? Or should I fix this and turn myself in? "Help me!" I shout into the quiet room as if you can hear me. Oh how I wish you could hear me, I long to hear your soft voice even once more. Hear your laugh.

Hear just one last smartass comment from those soft pink lips. They will never part again, your vocal cords soundless, forever. I know it's far too late, and I can never take back what I have done to you, but I can make things right now. I can take care of your kitties and think of something to tell your mother, and your job. Everyone is going to have so many questions but I think I can beat this and charm them into believing someone else killed you. I have to get rid of my clothes and clean up everything. (Distant meowing)

Oh no! The kitties! I have got to be quick, I can't let them see her like this. I'll burn my clothes and then I will go to my house to grab my stuff and bring it here, make it look like things have been going on for awhile in secret. I'll "move in." Like everything was perfect and tonight I came home to find her, my love, dead! I will make my story so believable even I won't remember what I have done.

As I hurry around the house cleaning this and that, bleaching my clothes white again, showering, her face, Presleys' beautiful face! "I can't get you out of my head, my love!" I shout out to her. After my clothes dry, I kiss her cheek before turning to leave. I have made sure there is no way to pin this on me. "I will be back love, I promise." On my drive to my place to get all of my stuff to plant in Presley's' house, tears stream down my face.

The reality of what I have done has set in. "You're really gone, love, and I can never bring you back!" I shout through tears. I make sure to only take back roads to avoid being seen until on my way back to ensure everyone thinks that's when I got to Presley's house, securing my alibi. In my peripheral, I see Presley appear in my passenger seat. "This can not be happening!" I say aloud, refusing to fully look at her.

It's my mind playing tricks, I have to focus. I make it home and gather everything I need to make it seem as though I've been semi-staying with Presley, to further seal my alibi securely. Once back in the car, I continue to ignore her presence. I must stop and pick up some food for the kitties, they must be starving! I stop at a local convenience store on the way to my new home with Presley and the furballs and then continue on my way. I arrive home, with food for the kitties as well as a nice dinner for my love and I. This will be a wonderful surprise after our date!

I unpack everything and enter the kitchen to feed the babies. Meow, meow, meow, meow. "Aw, here you go babies, you must have been starving," I say lovingly as I pour food into their bowl. "Let me refresh your water bowl as well, and then I've gotta set up dinner for mama." Meow, meow, meow, meow, they seem to be taking my attention to the hall leading to our room. "Do you want to see mama? Me too, babies, me too. But I don't want to wake her for work without breakfast!" I wash my hands and prepare breakfast for Presley and me, singing softly to myself, "I hope you're the end of my story, I hope you're as far as it goes, I hope you're the last word I ever utter, It's never your time to go." I finish breakfast and pick up the fur babies. "Let's go, babies, it's time to wake mama up for shower and breakfast before work. It's still a little early but she must have time for food before a long hard day at work," I head down the hall to our room to wake Presley with a kiss and let her know breakfast is ready, kitties meowing along the way.

"If you get there before I do, don't give up on me, I'll meet you when my chores are through, I don't know how long I'll be, but I'm not gonna let you down, Darling, wait and see, and between now and then, till I see you again, I'll be loving you, love me."

I situate the kitties and turn the knob to enter our room. "My love, I have made us breakfast and I also got the babies food..." I drop the kitties and let out a scream as I hit my knees and cry. "No," I yell out. "My love, my beautiful sweet love, how has this happened? Who would be so cruel as to murder my baby!"

I have to call 911! Oh no, your mother, what do I tell your poor mother? She will be calling in an hour or so to check on you before work. And your work, how shall I tell them? But first, the police. I pull out my phone and dial 9-1-1. 

*Female operator* "9-1-1, What is your emergency?"

"Yes, I came home maybe forty-five minutes ago with cat food and stuff to make breakfast, I fed the cats and made breakfast for my girlfriend and me, I wanted to surprise her..." I trail off, still in tears and unable to get the words out.

*Operator* "You wanted to surprise her and what happened, sir? Where is your girlfriend? Is she okay?" 

"She is in bed, she's---she's dead...." 

*Operator* "She's dead, sir?"

"Yes, she's dead. I walked into our room to wake her for work and she is bloody." 

*Operator* "Sir, I am going to need you to calm down. Take a deep breath and walk to her, tell me what you see." I walk towards Presley as the 9-1-1 operator has insisted and I almost vomit. 

*Operator* "Sir? Can you tell me what you see? Is she in fact dead? Does she have a pulse?"

"No ma'am, no pulse. Her chest, it's open." 

*Operator* "Her chest...Is open, sir?"

"Yes ma'am, it's open. And her he—aart...."

*Operator* "Yes, sir? What has happened to her heart?"

"It's gone, ma'am! Her heart is missing!" 

*Operator* "Sir, I need you to remain calm. What is the address of your girlfriends' house? Please keep calm and stop panicking, 9-1-1 are on their way. Please remain on the line and don't touch anything, I need you to let me know when they get there." 

"I won't touch anything, ma'am. I want whoever did this to my sweet love locked up or even murdered as well, I want them to suffer as my Presley has suffered." 

*Operator* "Sir, please don't talk like that, I know you are upset but please don't say those things. Please let me know when you hear the sirens." All I can do is sob as I wait for the sirens, the operator in my ear trying to soothe me. It's no use, my love, my life, is gone forever.

Meow, meow, meow, meow, I walk to the wall by the bedroom door and hit my knees. The kitties follow and climb into my lap, attempting to console me as well. 

*Operator* "Sir? Are you still there? Are the cats okay?" 


"Yes, ma'am, I am still here. The cats are fine, just checking on me. Their poor mama, my love Presley, is just... gone... I am not sure how we can go on, I can hear the sirens outside." 

*Operator* "Listen carefully sir, calm yourself and you and those precious babies go greet the nice people outside, they will help you." I get back on my feet, kitties wrapped in my arms as they kiss the tears off of my face, and walk towards the front door. I open it as officers greet me and begin asking questions. I show them to Presley and they rush to her in shock.

I hope you all enjoyed this sequel to Nameless, and if you have not yet read Nameless and this story made no sense to you, you should go back and read that one for the backstory.  Also, Her Unwanted Life will soon be in the beginning stages of publication and becoming a real book, so be on the lookout if you read and enjoyed it!  I'll see you all in the next one!

~Angie Damrow

Angela Damrow
Angela Damrow

I’ve been through some traumatic experiences so I write to cope. Independent Self-published Amazon and Createspace.com author of Her Unwanted Life Copyright © by  Audrina Wilson (Angela Damrow)

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