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FAA Investigator Was Worse Than Not Knowing What He Was Doing: Case 3

The FAA investigator did not follow up NHJ counterfeiting even when they were caught.

Picture is used to illustrate Only

"Nothing destroys people’s trust in government more than the abuse of power by those charged with enforcing the law." —John Goglia

FAA, you can not just walk away leaving an extraordinary safety there compromising some 500 Boeing planes! Corrective Action Now!! 

Some 500 Boeing planes were compromised due to Moog Aircraft knowingly installing counterfeit safety critical parts made in China.

Moog Aircraft top management committed a felony.

FAA massive cover-up

FAA Investigator Was Worse Than Not Knowing What He Was DoingCase 1

FAA Investigator Was Worse Than Not Knowing What He Was Doing: Case 2

Case 3, Continued...

Since 13th January, 2016, I acted as a protected FAA whistle blower on an extraordinary Boeing plane safety threat. FAA assigned Mr. Robert Fortune as the investigator. Mr. Fortune and I had a few lengthy email communications on the matter in April,2016.

I related to Mr. Fortune 07/04/2016 that I and one of my SDE caught NHJ faking a raw material certificate for Moog business.

Charle Shi Email to Mr. Fortune, FAA Investigator

Exh. RF42 Page 15

Charles Shi Email 07/04/2016 to Mr. Fortune

Exh. RF42 Page 16

Mr. Fortune asked questions regarding this matter on 09/04/2016

FAA Investigator could not understand how NHJ was forging a raw material certificate.

Exh. RF42 Page 14

Then I gave him more  information to clarify.

More Detailed Information Given to Mr. Fortune

Exh. RF42 page 10

I made more clarification to Mr. Fortune:

Moog is a flight control system manufacturer, not a raw material mill, to my knowledge, Moog had not invented a proprietary raw material with a Moog spec that was given to another world class raw material mill to produce. On Moog prints, there are specs of machining process or special processes of what we call EP process spec. NHJ put Moog machining or process spec in the forged cert not knowing this and that is why it aroused our attention and I reported to Joe and he did not order any further investigation. 
This issue was reported to Kevin Walek who must have passed it on to Moog quality VP Jesse Mangual who should have ordered Claire to investigate. what was Moog finding then? 
Mr. XXX was in East Aurora, Moog AG almost 4 weeks in March,2016 I am not sure this issue was mentioned by Moog would-be investigation team. The material is nickle bronze for a P/N NHJ was making for Moog. 
By the way, the source of questioned material was from a small machining supplier who had no knowledge of Moog, how come they accidentally put a Moog spec on a raw material cert they purchased elsewhere? The cert must be forged by NHJ itself . 
To my knowledge, NHJ work force education background is generally low. the people who are involved in Moog project had poor understanding of print call out, their material buyer was new. But their intention was very clear.

Mr. Fortune was informed how NHJ was forging a material certificate for Moog business.

Exh. RF42 Page 10

Mr. Fortune asked more questions on 19/04/2016 saying that my answers would help him investigate.

Mr. Fortune needed more information to help 'investigate.'

Exh. RF42 page 3

I replied to Mr. Fortune on 20/04/2016 with more clarification.

I don’t remember if Mr.XXX and I asked the name of the material source. Neither do I remember what specific Moog spec was on the drawing. But we were pretty sure the RM cert was fake as it quoted Moog spec or call out note only in the machining print. I DID ask Judy where they are going to buy the material, She said from a friend company. I asked "what does your friend do?", She replied that a machining house like NHJ who happened to have same material as required by Moog". I asked "Does your friend company do aerospace?", She said no. Both Shawn and I DID NOT mention to Judy the cert was a fake one as we were conscious NHJ was Joe's pet supplier that we may have to exercise certain degree of politeness. I asked her if she or NHJ know S275 which is Moog Raw Material(RM) requirement, she replied she was mainly handling project management, their RM buyer was new to NHJ. I brought this issue to Mr Li Jian along with other people during the summary meeting telling him to buy materials from Moog approved sources, no machining house they could buy material from.

More Clarification to Mr. Fortune

Exh. RF42 Page 1

What followed was Mr. Fortune, as the "trusted" FAA investigator, did not do any follow-up, did not continue his investigation on this matter, nor did he talk with Mr XXX who was key witness in this matter, nor did he talk with the only Moog investigator Ms. Claire Starzak, nor did he pass the information on to law enforcement agencies for criminal investigation. Mr. Fortune and FAA simply dropped the matter which was a complete dereliction of duty and abuse of power.

Mr. Fortune and FAA was aware of the fact but they just covered it up.

This matter was evidenced by Ms. Starzak in her initial investigation report not copied but was released to me by Moog attorney during AIR21 discovery process.

Ms Starzak wrote in bold  in her report to her bosses of Moog Aircraft quality organization on 25/08/2015: "I've been advised by XXX today that he did see an example of NHJ attempting to create a fake cert for Moog but he caught them..."

Ms Starzak Testimony on NHJ Faking Raw Material Certificate for Moog Business Which Was Caught

Exh. Moog116

Till this day, I had a hard time trying to figure out if Mr. Fortune was instructed not to follow up the criminal tips, or he simply did not know what he was doing. However, one hard fact was that he and FAA meant to cover up the extraordinary Boeing plane safety threat they knew there was one.

The life of the flying public is just being jeopardized by the inaction of corrupted FAA investigator.

Join me, flying public, in crying out for removal of counterfeit safety Boeing plane parts!!

To be posting shall expose Moog internal suspect colluding with Chinese counterfeiter and disturbing Moog investigation.

...Stay tuned.

More press release is appealed to amplify the outcry in order to compel FAA to correct its wrongdoing.

Please contact me for more information:

Email: [email protected]



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FAA Investigator Was Worse Than Not Knowing What He Was Doing: Case 3
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