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Will you make it?

You walked in and my world stopped. Not in the good way that you'd think. Not because I was so in love with you that setting my eyes on you once again would make me melt in your presence. It stopped, because I had finally escaped you and now... now you found me. You didn't lay your eyes on me yet as I pressed myself into the booth of the diner. You were slowly looking around and I knew if I make a dash for it at that moment, I would be caught for sure. I glanced around for a low key escape route, every other glance I would look at you. Your face slowly started to reach my section, I could see the scowl on your face and eyebrows furrowed as you concentrated, searching for me. I only had a matter of seconds before you'd finally see me. Desperately, I slid under the table out of sight from at least where you were standing. I took a few deep breaths and closed my eyes, focusing on the sounds around me, trying to calm myself down. Through the clinking of silverware on plates, lively chatter, and sizzling of the grill, I hear you, your footsteps as they approach my table. I quickly open my eyes and see your shadow from the sun shining through the window come into view. I tuck my feet as close to my body as possible, hoping that you didn't know I was there. As you slowly passed by my table, I could feel my shoulders get less tense and I knew I had to make a run for it. I got down on my knees and peaked out to see where you were, to make sure I had enough time to make it to my car and go. You were still strolling down the aisle slowly. I quickly slid myself out from under the table and ran towards the door, not looking back. I ran quickly to my car, unlocking it as I scurried through the parking lot. I heard the diner door open and shut quickly and fast footsteps behind me. As I reached my car I swung open the door and threw myself in before slamming the door shut and locking it. I placed the key in the ignition and started the engine, quickly throwing my car into reverse and backing out, hoping no one was behind me. I backed out and started racing through the parking lot. When I reached the exit, I saw you for the last time standing in the middle of the only way in/out of the parking lot, smirking at me. I knew in your head you were thinking that you had won, because you always did in the past, that I wouldn't dare hit you with my car, even if that meant going back to your hurtful hands and harsh words. I wouldn't do it because I am weak, a coward, stupid, but you were awfully wrong. I slowly lifted my foot off the break and before even blinking I slammed my foot on the gas and accelerated forward. You didn't have time to think before the front end of my car came crashing into your body, throwing you over my car and onto the asphalt. With tears in my eyes, I was the only one smiling now as I sped out of the parking lot.