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Dementia (One-Shot)


[Prologue Scene]

Man 1:

“Hey baby, wanna have some good time?”

Woman 1:

“… Ugh…”

Continues to walk by Man 1 to reach another table as he gawks at the young lady.

Man 1:

“… Hey… I know you will come back.”

“That’s right… I kne—”

Woman 1 starts to walk back in the direction of Man 1 but abruptly makes a turn into the backdoor kitchen saying,

“Hey Linda, 2 cups of coffee on table 6 and…”

Man 1 slightly annoyed by her avoiding his sight, mumbles names to himself.

Woman 1 suddenly pushes out of the kitchen door and begins to speed-walk to her station.

Man 1:

“Hey hold on, hold on, baby. Where’re you going?!”

Attempting to grab a hold of her hand as she walks by.

Woman 1:


Gritting her teeth, attempting to hide her shivering fear.

Man 1:

“I said hold on, you bitch!! Hey! Nobody walks away from me!!”

Strangers all around the café turn toward his table in confusion, immediately weighing down Man 1 to sit back onto his own temper.

Woman 1:

Smirking back at Man 1,

“Hehe. So much for a bitch.”

Man 1 bursts out in anger, stands up, and hits Woman 1 to the ground, at which point, a few surrounding men begin to surround Man 1 to try and stop his violent act.

Woman 2:

“Somebody, please call the cops!!”

Shrieking in a high pitch voice.

Crowds begin to rush through the exit, deserting the café in a heartbeat.

Linda helps up Woman 1, taking her out back to a safer location during all the commotion.

Man 1:

Surrounded by 3 other guys,

“Get the fuck out of my way, vermin.”

Man 2:

“If we’re vermin, then what does that make you, asshole?”

Man 3:

“Shut up, kid. Let me do the talking.”

Turning to Man 1,

“Hey man, we don’t want any trouble. Nobody needs to get hurt. We can end this right now.”

Man 1:

“HAHAHA! Wrong, Mr. Hero! The moment you stuck your little noses into my business. It. Was. Over.”

Man 4:

“You know, you really shouldn’t hit a lady. Your momma never teach you this?”

Man 1:

“Hmph! What’s it to you, vermin?! You get a kick out of ASSING into my business, hmm?!”

Man 4:

“It is my business now, asshole. Surrender yourself, or you’re gonna have to pay for what you did.”

Man 3:

“That’s enough!!”

“Like I said, this does not have to get any worse than it is. So why don’t we just calm ourselves here and go on our separate ways, hmm? What do you say?”

Man 4:

“Don’t be ridiculous! We can’t just let him walk away after what he did to that girl!”

Man 2:

“Y-yeah bro,. He’s right. Let’s just beat the shit out of this guy. Us 3 can totally take him on, right?! All the chicks will be thanki—AGH!”

Man 3:

“I told you to shut up, kid!! Do NOT make me repeat myself again!”

Man 1:

“Hahaha! Hey. You know what? You’re totally right!! This does not have to end in violence after all. In fact, I’ll let y'all get a turn once I’m finished with that bitch back over there.” 

“So how about it, hmm? Do we have a verdict? Hehehe…”

Man 4:

“You… You fucking psycho!!”

Jumping onto Man 1 from behind him, Man 4 tries to land a hit on Man 1 but gets easily tossed over despite being much larger in stature.

Man 2, Man 3, and Man 4 all simultaneously struggle to attack Man 1 but get easily defeated in a brutal fight.

Man 1 then manages to escape before the cops arrive at the crime scene.

- About an hour later -

Policeman 1:



Policeman 2:


Policeman 1:

Blowing on a cigarette,

“I said 47."

"47 stitches, 12 broken ribs… Out of the three male victims, the youngest one seems to be in an extremely horrid situation compared to the other two. In all my years of service, I have never heard of such a merciless hand-to-hand combatant residing within these areas, that is, until now. Oh. And stop calling me ‘sir’ you moron, we’re partners now. Don’t you forget that.”

Policeman 2:

“Yes, sir, understoo—I-I mean, p-p-partner.”

“S-so who do you think it could be? Y-you know practically everyone in this neighborhood now don’t you, p-partner?”

Policeman 1:

“... Let me ask you something, George. How many cafes do we have in town?”

Policeman 2 (Aka George):

“Uh… 35?”

Policeman 1:

“And out of those 35 goddamn cafes in this small-ass town in the middle of nowhere, how many of them were established pre-WWII?”


“Uh… I... I believe it is three, p-partner.”

Policeman 1:

“Close. It is 4. All of which have decent functioning security systems, rooftop signature detection, motion-censored lighting, and on top of that, perhaps most importantly, omni-directional surveillance cameras. All, except one. You see, out of these four ancient fuckin’ joints, only one does NOT have any surveillance cameras, George. Only one.”


“I-I think I see where this is going n-now, p-p-partner.”

Policeman 1:

“Well, I can’t blame you there, son. This just so happens to be that one café WITHOUT any security cameras in it. I mean this thing doesn't even have a goddamn radio, much less a television!”


“... O-on the bright side, that young lady seems to have successfully recovered from her light concussion. Th-th-thank g-goodness it wasn't anything more than that. The suspect s-s-sounds p-pretty dangerous, alright..." 

"... I-i-it’s 7:00 AM, p-partner. W-wanna grab a few bites now that we’re h-h-here?”

Policeman 1:

“… On second thought, George… Just call me ‘sir’.”

Lights another cigarette.

[End Scene]

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