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Criminal Intent: 2

What Happened Next #2

You're there for what feels like hours but only a couple of minutes later, there is what seems to be a silhouette appearing over you. As it appears to come closer to your body, you start to ask for help, asking why is this happening and what did you do to deserve any of this.

But the silhouette doesn't speak, it doesn't make a single noise. Whilst you're still struggling to try and release your wrists, the silhouette finally appears by your face but it doesn't appear to be a person, it doesn't even seem to be a shadow of a person.

This freaks you out even more which results in your body jerking and throwing itself around to try and free yourself to get away. But the restraints are still getting tighter, they are starting to cut into your ankles, causing excruciating pain. This doesn't bother you as much as it should but because there is so much going on in your mind that it doesn't really concern you as much as the strange things that have been happening during this evening.

It now seems like a few more hours have passed, you exhausted your body and you passed out. The sun is now rising so it must be around 5 or 6 in the morning. Although you still don't know what had happened to you whilst you were unconscious, you don't want to risk that strange man coming back any earlier than he would.

However, whilst you were unconscious your body must have relaxed because the restraints around your head, wrists, and ankles had loosened ever so slightly. So, you decide to try and move slowly to stop the restraints tightening around your extremities.

But, when you try to lift your leg up to get your ankle out of the restraint, it extremely tightened, even more than it did earlier. It brings your leg immediately down to the bed and you're unable to move. This leads you to panic, and once again everything tightens.

However, this time the strange man appears from what seems like out of nowhere but he doesn't look what like he did when you first met him in the front of the coffee shop. He seems to have something in his hands or coming out of his hands, but also something appearing that seems to be attached to the back of his head.

This man appears to be coming closer to you, but as he does you start to feel incredible burning sensation in your stomach. You try to look down but because of the head restraint across your forehead, all you can see is a few needles attached to mechanical arms lifting up and down. It appears that he's trying to inject you with something.

But, after a few minutes of feeling this burning sensation, you can feel yourself falling asleep as if he's putting you under anesthetic. Your body is going numb but you are trying your best to try and stay awake so nothing else happens to you. However, this is not possible; he's injected you with too much and it has overcome your body. You can feel yourself going further and further into a sleep with nothing you can do about it.

However, after hours of being unconscious you are now kneeling on the floor. This feels very weird to your mind but your body doesn't feel as if it is yours. But you aren't able to stand up, every time you do you fall back onto the floor. Therefore, you manage to crawl to a makeshift mirror and what seems to be your head; it doesn't seem to be attached to your body anymore. In fact, it isn't attached to your body anymore, it is actually attached to a makeshift computer robot body.

You have to retrain your body to be able to walk and run again. But you then realise that the strange gentleman was the same as you, he seemed to have a relatively normal head so you continued to think he had a normal body... but this wasn't the case. He actually had a robot makeshift body. However, so did everyone else in the town, including the colleagues that you had spent some of the evening with a couple of nights ago. He just wanted you to fit in with the rest of them.

He continued to help you to walk and run again, but after all of this you fit in perfectly with the others around the town.

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Criminal Intent: 2
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