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Cocaine Drive-Thru

Things That Happen at 3 Am After Your Long Shift at the Strip Club...

Uhh......I think they messed up my order.....

Cocaine Drive-Thru

So, I've traveled quit a bit throughout my 20 years in the industry. Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, & Oklahoma just to name a few. You could say that I've seen it all! Truly never a dull moment and always a story to tell. 

This particular trip was out of state for most of the summer. I brought a friend with me on this trip and it was her first time traveling. She was still very new to the industry and only in her early 20s.

Although I won't mention any business names this room place in Albuquerque, NM., "The Land of Entrapment" is what some of the locals called it.

It's 3 AM and we just got done working a very busy, nonstop, relentless, seven-hour in platform heels, Friday night shift at the club. We're pretty exhausted and starving! Now keep in mind that at that hour your restaurant options are: McDonald's (gag me), Denny's (not getting out of my vehicle to eat with a chance of  patrons from the club recognizing me. They also know that you probably have a lot of cash on you. That's just asking for trouble!) IHOP (oooh hell nooo!!!), and a few taco drive-thru places. We decided on the taco place.

In a line of very drunk, obnoxious partyers that just got out of the bars and apparently had the same idea we did, we order our food at the intercom. We proceed slowly up the line to the window. Finally, we are one car behind to get our food. The person in front of us is paying for his food or so it seemed. The drive-thru clerk gives the driver some sort of encrypted "Homies for Life" secret handshake gesture thingie and hands the driver A KILO OF COCAINE!!!! Yes, yes you read that right. I said A KILO!!! All wrapped up perfectly in plastic and tape just like in a popular crime drama!! 

Completely frozen at what we just witnessed both the clerk and driver of the car make synchronized eye contact with us. It felt as if time had completely stopped for that entire scenario!! It was surreal!

Just when I thought perhaps I was hallucinating from exhaustion and hunger, I turn to my friend only to realize she had the same shocked look on her face.                   

Me:"You saw that, right?!"                                   

Her: "Yeeeeeeep!"                                                

Me:"Good girl..."

We proceed nervously to the window for our food. The clerk greets us in a fun flirty fashion, takes our money, and gives us our food like nothing even happened!!

To this day I joke with her when I go through a taco drive-thru: "Hey, so I'm going through the taco drive-thru and was wondering if you needed A KILO OF COCAINE?!

I couldn't make this shit up if I tried...

Sofia SINN

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Cocaine Drive-Thru
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