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Chinese Counterfeiting Supplier Was in Violation of Basic Aviation Quality Norms

No traveler was used! FAA, Boeing, and Moog Aircraft accepted the violation amid systemic corruption and cover-up.

Picture is used to illustrate

An extraordinary Boeing plane safety threat was being exposed. More than 500 Boeing B737 and B777 were compromised due to installation of fake safety parts made by a verified Chinese supplier of Moog Aircraft who did not have counterfeit control.

The safety threat was not removed due to massive cover-up by Moog, Boeing, and FAA.

Office Of Inspector General of U.S. Department of Transportation was urged to launch criminal investigation upon the counterfeiting and cover-up.

A letter to Rep. Peter DeFazio requesting U.S. Lawmakers action on the extraordinary aircraft safety threat was filed by an American citizen.

Letters to both presidents of United States and Peoples's Republic Of China were sent appealing for action!

This lawful and protected whistle blower, Charles Shi, reported the matter to FAA since early 2016. However, FAA investigator was worse than not knowing what he was doing. 

Solid evidence indicated FAA's abuse of power that caused the inaction putting life of flying public at extreme danger!


A traveler or router is required as the basic, but the most important quality control mechanism in aviation manufacturing that document raw material traceability. In Moog Aircraft Supplier Quality Requirement(SQR-1), it states very clearly:

4.5 Travelers - Suppliers shall maintain a traveler, router, process flow sheet, or equivalent control mechanism that directs procedures
appropriate for the control of quality and configuration through all stages of production. For Moog designed hardware when Moog changes
P/Ns, dash numbers, or P/N revisions AND there is work in process (WIP) for a given contract, the rework instructions must be submitted in
writing to the Moog Buyer to obtain Moog Engineering approval prior to rework.

NHJ, the verified Chinese counterfeiting supplier, did not use traveler in its production system months into they made and delivered to Moog air-borne safety critical parts of Boeing flight control systems. And this fundamental break of aviation quality standard was not identified by quality organization of Moog Aircraft. Even after my first whistle blowing August 7th, 2015 to global supply chain leader, the violation was not addressed because of the recklessness and incompetency of the Supplier Quality lead who was handling the matter. 

The Supplier Development Engineer(SDE) Mr. XXX, who reported directly to me and was assigned  to manage NHJ on a daily basis, summed up in his NHJ major issue report 09-06-2015 testifying on NHJ's violation of no traveler. 

This document of objective evidence was included in my 2nd internal whistle blowing to Moog CEO 01/12/2016 and to FAA safety hotline 01/13/2016.

Mr. XXX Summary of NHJ Major Issue

Exh. Moog056 

Mr. XXX stated: Before June (2015) no traveler (was) used on the shop floor to travel with parts

Exh. Moog056 page 2

This key document of evidence was claimed by Mr. Robert Fortune, the FAA investigator, to have cited and reviewed in his investigation.

I responded Mr. Fortune's questions in particular on the issue of no traveler 04/09/2016.

Email to FAA Investigator 04/09/2016

Exh. RF42

Mr. Fortune: Your item no. 3: Please tell me with details how NHJ forged the traveler? I need to know exactly what information on the traveler is incorrect so I can investigate it with Moog.

Charles Shi: Please pay attention to page 2 and 3 on "NHJ major issues summary" dated Sept 6th,2015 written by This file was attached in my Jan reporting to Moog CEOs and FAA which I again attach it in this email.

On page 2, it says"(NHJ)Do not have good Traceability of parts
Before June no traveler is using on the shop floor with parts.

My own observation regarding travelers of NHJ was that I made quite a few visits of NHJ. I also noticed NHJ did not have travelers with any particular WIP (work in progress) lots. I asked Judy and their quality person why, they told me the parts containers were dirty and oily that might contaminate the paper files. I told them they could put the travelers in a plastic bag, but the travelers must travel with the part lots, otherwise the part lots could be easily mixed. I also introduced to them how other of my suppliers put travelers with each WIP lot.
I said the same thing at least two times way before June, 2015. I was conducting a supplier audit and personally put most of Chinese suppliers in the approved list myself since I joined Moog back 2006. Only I stopped doing so after June, 2011 when Moog had a global supply chain organization change and we had an IPT structure; namely we had SDE, SQE, ME in the IPT team. SQE shall take the responsibility of audit and approval of new suppliers. NHJ was "audited and approved " by Claire herself, of course under hard promotion by Joe.
 I had a hard time understanding why Claire failed to identify these easily captured issues of no traveler up to June, 2015, and refusal of deep dive of the forged or "made" traveler afterwards.

Mr. XXX in the same NHJ major issue summary report 09/06/2015 listed an investigated case where NHJ did not have traveler but forged traveler on that SPOF blocking of B737 spoiler during Moog mishandled probe.

"On page 3,it says "Accompanied Claire and Lee’s audit 8/20 and my observed:

P665A0039-02 one lot shipped total 217pcs to BAG, but can not find a traveler at the beginning, and finally came a traveler with qty of 264pcs from OP1 to last Machining OP; no scrap and no NC, New HJ said 47pcs are scrapped during OSP.

Reviewed NHJ PO system, 235pcs sent to OSP that could not match either 264pcs or 217pcs shipped to Moog. That did not make up the story.

Miss Mao Caifeng, the QE of New Hongji told me privately 1st Sept, one day before Claire and Lee conducted their 2nd audit. they MADE” the traveler during the 8/21 audit because they didn’t have an original traveler in place."

Mr. XXX Summary of NHJ Major Issue-09/06/2015

Exh. Moog056 page 3

FAA did list NO Traveler at NHJ as an allegation in its investigation report 11/04/2016. (Allegation 2 of 9)

Mr. Fortune did not conduct any independent investigation, nor did he verify the compelling evidence with Mr. XXX, nor did he alert law enforcement of United States or China. He only accepted Moog deceit and forgery and concluded no finding. 

It was a complete abuse of power by FAA in the face of solid objective evidence indicating a massive counterfeiting. 

FAA Investigation Report 11/04/2016

Exh. E. Page 7

By concluding no violation and no corrective action needed. FAA simply set the criminals in China and at Moog free and covered up Moog Aircraft fraud leaving the safety threat to flying public with no mercy.


The FAA cover-up was exposed by press for many months, but FAA kept inaction. FAA lived in comfortableness of a record of no jet crashes in 2017 and 19 fatalities across the sector, but some 301 passengers have died in five crashes over just the first five months of 2018, including the first fatality on a U.S. airline since 2009. The other fatal accidents occurred in Cuba, Russia, Iran, and Nepal.

Will these crashes wake up FAA?

More here.

New press released is sought. Please contact [email protected] 

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Chinese Counterfeiting Supplier Was in Violation of Basic Aviation Quality Norms
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