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Boeing Misleading Message Is Extremely Harmful to Flying Public

Chinese Counterfeiting Supplier Was Outsourcing One Third of Moog Business from Unknown & Unapproved Sub-tiers

Counterfeiting safety critical or sensitive parts are time-bombing. Chinese counterfeiting supplier knowingly made the fake safety parts, Moog Aircraft knowingly put them onto Boeing plane flight control systems, Boeing and FAA were fully aware of the fact, but they all acted to cover up while the time bombs are ticking...

Hard evidence speaks for itself! Boeing action in this matter of extraordinary aircraft safety threat is contrary to what Boeing has been preaching: “The safety of the flying public is Boeing’s primary concern.”

Through willful and fraudulent misrepresentation by Moog Aircraft and abusive investigation process, FAA responded on 04/11/2016 to my whistleblowing by reaching two violations substantiated out of nine allegations. However, in front of compelling evidence and witness testimonies, both substantiated violations were intentionally manipulated as if they were not serious and could be overlooked. 

Boeing has been misleading journalists and flying public by repeating Moog Deceit and FAA abusive investigation results even though Boeing knew their misleading message did not stand a chance for fact check.

A spokesperson of Boeing told NBC journalists the company found no issues with the parts in question, stating:

“The safety of the flying public is Boeing’s primary concern, and any allegation related to safety is thoroughly investigated. In late 2016, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration investigated allegations related to suppliers to Moog. Boeing cooperated fully. The FAA investigations, as well as Boeing and Moog, found no evidence of a safety risk related to these allegations.”

One of the two violations FAA substantiated concerns the suspect Chinese counterfeiting supplier NHJ outsourcing one third of Moog business to unknown, unapproved sub-tiers

FAA decision of violation is a distortion of fact.

Exh. E. FAA Investigation report dated 04/11/2016

Although FAA reached verdict of a violation substantiated, it only acknowledged NHJ outsourced the first operation of rough machining to an unapproved supplier.

The fact is:

1. In my NHJ second tier supplier audit report dated 09/07/2015, I told Joe Zou, Moog Aircraft Asian Supply Chain Director, that NHJ was outsourcing a Moog part number completely from unknown and unapproved sources.

Moog Internal Memo Evidencing NHJ Was Outsourcing Complete Moog Parts from Unknown & Unapproved Sources

Exh. Moog037 page 2

NHJ was outsourcing complete Moog Part number CA81706 from unknown & unapproved sources.

Exh. Moog037 page 3

The above exhibit was one of the attachments I sent to FAA when starting my whistleblowing journey on January 13, 2016.

2. Moog Aircraft China Supplier Development Engineer Mr. XXX, who reported to me and was responsible for NHJ, reported in an internal memo of NHJ Major Issue Summary on 06/09/2015 that Moog part numbers CA81706, P689A0091, and P689A0118 are completely machined by second tiers without Moog knowledge.

Moog SDE Testifying Moog Business Was Completely Outsourced by NHJ Without Moog Knowledge

Exh. Moog056 Page 7

3. Another SDE Mr. Ron Rong, who was also another responsible SDE for NHJ, reported to me in the fall of 2015 by an email (the email was kept in Moog IT system) that a total 11 out of 30+ Moog part numbers were completely outsourced by NHJ to unknown & unapproved sub-tiers. This stood for 1/3 of Moog business given to NHJ that was illicitly outsourced from unknown & unapproved sources, some of the part numbers are safety sensitive on Boeing flight control systems. 

The reason why NHJ outsource Moog business was only because NHJ was a small privately owned machining house; they did not have the capacity or even the machines to make those parts. 

In a Motion to DOL Administrative Review Board (ARB) of Air21 legal action, I asked ARB to compel Moog to disclose above-mentioned email by Mr. Rong on the 11 Moog part numbers illicitly outsourced. The motion was not responded by ARB so far.

I am very hopeful once the expected criminal investigation by law enforcement agencies (LEA) is launched, LEA could obtain the email with a search warrant.

Motion to Compel Disclosure by ARB of Department of Labor

Motion raised on 02/11/2017 Page 1

Motion to Compel Moog to Disclose Internal Email Testifying 11 Moog Part Numbers Were Illicitly Outsourced by NHJ

Motion raised on 02/11/2017 Page 2

By the time of the fall in 2015, Moog was aware of NHJ illicit outsourcing, thousands of pieces parts( many of them safety sensitive) were already delivered to Moog. Moog had them all assembled into Boeing flight control systems, and all of them, which must be regarded as Unapproved Suspected Parts, remain on Boeing planes today just because of Moog/Boeing/FAA's massive cover-up. Moog did not take any action demanding NHJ to recall all parts illicitly outsourced, but continued to source those suspected unapproved parts (SUPs) simply because Moog knew changing suppliers is a time consuming and costly matter, so Moog chose to cheat Boeing, FAA, and now the flying public. Unfortunately, Boeing and FAA joined Moog cheating instead of doing the right thing — removing the fake safety SUPs creating the extraordinary aircraft safety threat.

It is now up to us, the flying public, to decide if we will allow the time bombs on board of the plane we fly with. No one will, right? Please join me in crying out for REMOVAL!

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Boeing Misleading Message Is Extremely Harmful to Flying Public
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