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Bands That Serial Killers Loved

Ever wonder if you had the same musical taste as a serial killer? Take a look to see if you like the same bands that serial killers loved.

Serial killers are a strange breed of criminal, and that's precisely why they are the most heavily studied criminal population in jail right now. Criminologists study everything about them from their childhoods to their family lives. 

Believe it or not, some even study the bands that serial killers loved in order to get insight into the way they think. Ever wonder if you have a "killer" taste in music? Check out what the favorite bands from these mass murderers and serial killers were to find out. 

Richard Ramirez

Richard Ramirez was known as the "Nightstalker" who rampaged through Los Angeles. He would stalk his victims, rape them, rob them, and sometimes even butcher them. His serial killer calling card was a pentagram drawn near the body, often using the lipstick of the victims he killed. 

What Richard Ramirez Loved: He was a fan of AC/DC—vocally so. According to sources, he was a fan of just about any song they wrote, especially "Night Prowler." Ramirez was also a noted Black Sabbath and Judas Priest fan. 

David Parker Ray

David Parker Ray was known for being the Toy Box Killer. He would kidnap women, rape them, force them into sex slavery, and even make some victims have sex with dogs. Some victims were killed or mutilated afterwards, while others were drugged and dropped off on the side of the road.

What David Parker Ray Loved: David Parker Ray was a massive fan of metal—any kind of metal. He was even known for torturing women while blasting metal from a boombox. (If you're wondering, a lot of the bands that serial killers loved were, in fact, from the metal genre.)

Jeffrey Dahmer

Milwaukee native Jeffrey Dahmer was a teenager in the heart of the 70s, and unsurprisingly, had very 70s taste in music before he was caught. Dahmer, who was known for killing gay men, taking photos of their body, and eating the remains, regularly is called one of the most notorious serial killers in history

What Jeffrey Dahmer Loved: A number of friends noted that Dahmer was a massive fan of Black Sabbath. This is one of the most popular bands that serial killers loved, with rumors of several other large names enjoying the works of Ozzy. 

Luka Magnotta

In the 2000s, Luka Magnotta was known as the aspiring male model with a horrific secret—the fact that he loved to kill and eat other men. He then sent the body parts of one of his victims, a Chinese exchange student, to the Canadian government.

An international manhunt ensued, and Magnotta responded by posting videos while he was on the lam. (Someone likes attention, doesn't he?)

What Luka Magnotta Loved: Madonna, if you were to believe the video he made. Of all the bands that serial killers loved, this one might be one of the most shocking... until you hear why. Magnotta idolized Madonna and wanted to be as famous as her. 

Aileen Wuornos

As one of the most famous female serial killers to ever live, it's not surprising that Aileen Wuornos would have some pretty unusual taste in music. Her entire issue was that she was insane and ended up killing a number of men while working as a prostitute. 

So, you'd expect something pretty metal, like other bands that serial killers loved, right? Not quite...

What Aileen Wuornos Loved: She was a massive Natalie Merchant fan, and also enjoyed 10,000 Maniacs. Aileen liked Merchant's music so much, she even requested "Carnival" to be the song played at her wake. 

Arthur Shawcross

Arthur Shawcross was one of the most prolific serial killers in history, and was known as the Genessee River Killer during his spree. Prior to being caught for his murder spree, Shawcross had earned parole after his first conviction of manslaughter from killing two children.

What Arthur Shawcross Loved: Remember when we said that a lot of bands serial killers liked were metal? Shawcross was apparently a massive fan of G.G. Allin. (Natch.)

Vickie Dawn Jackson

Vickie Dawn Jackson was one of many hospital workers who acts as an Angel of Death—or a person who knowingly poisons their patients. Other such examples have been caught in Germany, Russia, and random parts of America. 

Jackson was extremely bloodthirsty, and even took her killings out of work. One of her victims died when she decided to visit the local honkey tonk. 

What Vickie Dawn Jackson Loved: Being from Texas and having murdered one of her victims at a honkey tonk, it's safe to say that she was a major country music fan. This just goes to show that not all the bands that serial killers loved were metal or Madonna. 

Charles Manson

Of all the serial killers to have a major affinity for music, Charles Manson might be the most famous. His "Helter Skelter" killing was one that was based off the Beatles. However, there's more to this particular serial killer than just making the Fab Four one of the bands that serial killers loved...

What Charles Manson Loved: Beatles aside, he was a huge fan of the Bee Gees, the Mamas and the Papas, Neil Young, and other musicians along those lines. Manson also was an avid musician himself and produced songs while in jail.

Oh, did we mention that Manson was personal friends with the Beach Boys? He liked the Beach Boys. 

John Wayne Gacy

Few serial killers are as notorious as Gacy and part of that was the shocking reveal of his crimes. After having been a pillar in the local community, police were shocked to find out that he had killed 33 different young men and stored their bodies in his basement. 

He was a known bisexual, a KFC franchise owner, a painter, and a guy who dressed up in a clown suit. He was all over the place, so it'd make sense if his taste in music didn't line up with most of the bands that serial killers loved, right?

What John Wayne Gacy Loved: REO Speedwagon. That'd make anyone go crazy and kill people, so it's understandable. He also admitted to being a fan of Neil Diamond and Bob Dylan. 

Ted Bundy

Known for being charismatic, good looking, and working for a suicide hotline, Ted Bundy was one of the most unlikely people to be a serial killer. And yet, he murdered plenty of women by ways that would make most people grab for a barf bag.

So, you're probably wondering what were the bands that serial killers loved on his list, right? He seems like the kind of chap that would enjoy smooth jazz, right?

What Ted Bundy Loved: Surprise—he liked talk radio. 

Roy Norris

Known as the Toybox Killer, Roy Norris was known for ripping apart victims using things that you'd find in a toolbox. He and his partner Lawrence Sigmund Bittaker killed five teenage girls using pretty horrendous methods. 

What Roy Norris Loved: While most of the bands serial killers loved involve metal, Norris was actually more of a Mariah Carey person. He also enjoyed Bee Gees. 

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