Taylor Markarian

"This might be more than a simple conversation." - Underoath 

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The Most Shocking Crimes of 2017
a year ago
Shootings are now commonplace. Terror attacks are everyday events. Public figures are being incriminated for political and sexual crimes now more than ever. Let's just face it: 2017 has been a cassero...
Best Serial Killer Documentaries to Watch Right Now
a year ago
Serial killers disgust us. Serial killers bewilder us. But serial killers also attract us. We look into their eyes and hear their thoughts in documentaries because we want to know what they're thinkin...
How to Become a Private Investigator
a year ago
Professional private eyes are sneaky and resourceful. If they're good enough, they are synonymous with shadow; you won't ever detect them or know who they are. But they had to get their training somew...