Stefin Bradbury

Stefin Bradbury is an independent author of dirty realism, transgressive, and dark fiction. He lives in Tacoma with his family. His books are available on Amazon and he can be followed on Twitter and Instagram.

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Broadcast Amphetamine
4 months ago
Al Johnson believes he’s a willing participant in Betty’s regales, but the deeper he dives into her world of sex, drugs, and self-mutilation, the more he feels his own desperation. With a diabetic mother dying from the debilitating disease, Al is quickly forced to realize his own mortality. As memories from an abusive childhood rise to the surface, he willingly helps Betty exact revenge on her own abusive father, hoping the confrontation will not only exorcise her demons, but his own. WARNING: E...
'Her Name Is Mercie' by Chris Roy
4 months ago
The first story in this collection by author Chris Roy is, "Her Name Is Mercie." It is a taut thriller with a lovable duo caught up in a conspiracy that reaches deep into the local police department. The author's powerful prose and tight pacing keeps the reader cheering for Mercie Hillbrook and her affable young companion, Kermit, a Vietnamese street-kid. After her parents are murdered, Mercie finds herself searching for answers. But every answer leads her down a dangerous road to more questions...
'Apostle Unbound'
5 months ago
Detective Frank Castle may be retired, but there's still a killer to catch!