Stefin Bradbury

Born and bred in the beautiful PNW, Stefin Bradbury is a writer of dirty realism, transgressive, and dark fiction. Follow him on Twitter @StefinBradbury.

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'Her Name Is Mercie' by Chris Roy
7 days ago
The first story in this collection by author Chris Roy is, "Her Name Is Mercie." It is a taut thriller with a lovable duo caught up in a conspiracy that reaches deep into the local police department. The author's powerful prose and tight pacing keeps the reader cheering for Mercie Hillbrook and her affable young companion, Kermit, a Vietnamese street-kid. After her parents are murdered, Mercie finds herself searching for answers. But every answer leads her down a dangerous road to more questions...
'Apostle Unbound'
22 days ago
Detective Frank Castle may be retired, but there's still a killer to catch!