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I am a forever young, ego-driven, radical hipster.  Investor. Objectivist for life. Instagram: @skylerized


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Reason First: Can 'Swatting' Lead to Murder?
5 months ago
It’s all fun and games until someone is gunned down on their own property. In the vicious would be prank known as “swatting,” or calling false emergencies on other people’s homes, a male named Tyler B...
Reason First: Is Shotti Way out of Line or on the Right Path When It Comes to His Opinion of Tekashi69?
5 months ago
Though the YouTube video of the conversation between Shotti and DJ Pvnch is no longer available, the fallout from the talks has rung through the corners of the Internet like a church bell. Former mana...
Reason First: Should Snitching Be a Staple in Society?
5 months ago
In the television series, Atlanta (2016-), Brian Tyree Henry’s character Alfred “Paper Boi” Miles receives a treatment in the second season of the series that played out similar to real life against r...
Is Society Punishing R. Kelly?
6 months ago
For decades, the business of music and media as a whole have been fueled by the secular and the profane or the grand and the coarse or God and sex, drugs, and nowadays, hiphop. Seemingly, it would be ...
Is Jussie Smollett the Spokesman for Millennials?
6 months ago
Tupac Amaru Shakur was a revolutionary figure, a prophet, and one of the foremost legends ever to be produced by the hip hop genre. His outspokenness mixed with his ability to cater to street sensibil...
Separating from Signs of Separatism
a year ago
“So why don’t you wear it?” Mikail Foreman asked. “I don’t think that it is rational,” Ashford Collums said. Collums looked at the nooses, and the guillotines, and large stones, and gigantic swords th...