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I am a forever young, ego-driven, radical hipster.  Investor. Objectivist for life. Instagram: @skylerized


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Reason First: Is Benzino a Racist?
a month ago
It’s one thing to spew hatred on the media landscape to match the directions of radio stations, television channels, and websites. But with respected figures like Benzino, he should have had greater s...
Reason First: What Should Happen to the North Face Looters?
2 months ago
The savages who stole over $30,000 worth of North Face merchandise are in bad company. Whether it’s in relative normalcy, or a natural disaster, or computer secrets, thieves have been more than willing to act as brutes. From the Johnstown, Pennsylvania Flood of 1889 where white people used pliers to pry gold from the mouths of the dead and snapped off ring fingers to obtain jewels, to China swiping data, to this present incident with negroes, the same idea remains the same in all incidents: seco...
Reason First: Is It Proper for Rapper YG to 'Stay Dangerous'?
2 months ago
The bullets, gun battles, and animosity associated with the hip hop genre hinder it from being a culture. For rapper Slim 400, who survived over nine shots to his body, the whole gang mentality should...
Reason First: Should A$AP Rocky and Crew Be Let Off Because of Poor Camerawork?
2 months ago
There ought to be lessons in elementary school on up to PhD-level on how to best hold the camera when shooting footage on a cellphone. The latest video to go all shaky and distorted purportedly presen...
Reason First: Who Punches a Cop in the Face and Runs?
2 months ago
The life you save may be your own if you want your life. Surprisingly, a Pennsylvania man tested the men in police uniforms by taunting and running away from them. While (of course) the footage failed...
Reason First: Should Someone Who Knows Something Behind DJ Official's Murder Talk?
2 months ago
It’s time to snitch. In the wake of DJ Official’s shooting death, it is the appropriate hour for people to start naming names, and telling on these savages. Such brutes ought to be discovered and brou...