Scott Lavely

I am a transgender individual trying to bring light to LGBTQA+ in the USA and other areas of the world

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Was Michael Jackson a Bad Person?
3 months ago
Michael Jackson was the king of pop music; he died in 2009, but earlier this year, Leaving Neverland was released, a documentary that had interviews with Wade Robson and James Safechuck; they claimed Jackson raped and sexually abused them when they were seven and ten years old, and that the abuse lasted for years. The four-hour long movie was released by HBO, which is currently being sued by Jackson's estate and family. Safechuck met Jackson when he was ten; they did a Pepsi commercial together,...
The Manson Family Cult's Downfall
3 months ago
Charles Manson, as seen above, is known to have started a Cult in California that led to almost 35 brutal murders; his cult consisted of runaways and vulnerable people who went into his cult just look...
Hollywood Has an Issue
3 months ago
*I do not mean any harm to the people, companies, or families involved in this, I am simply stating facts and reporting on the issues at hand* Hollywood is a place of making stars and creating movies;...