Nikki Kattamuri

Nikki is a Psychology major with a Criminal Justice minor at the University of Cincinnati. Her hobbies include reading, watching Netflix, writing and hanging out with friends. She like to write in a variety of topics. Happy Reading!

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The Case of the Beauty Queen Killer
8 months ago
Welcome to chapter 2 of "The Case of." In this post we will take a look at Mr. Wilder, or more known as The Beauty Queen Killer. Christopher Wilder was born March 13, 1945 in Sydney, Australia. From a...
The Case of H.H. Holmes
8 months ago
Who is he? What did he do? How to identify a serial killer? Continue reading to find out! H.H. Holmes, formally known as Herman Webster Mudgett, born May 16, 1861 was known as the first serial killer ...