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Risks of Using DNA Websites in Criminal Investigations
10 months ago
Genealogy websites use DNA samples to give their users information about themselves: their ethnic background, risk of certain diseases, even traits like hair color and detached earlobes. But a genealo...
Best Investigative Journalism Websites
a year ago
In the technological age, print publications are rare. Most people get their news and information either directly from online news sources, like the digital versions of the New York Times or Washingto...
Best True Crime YouTube Channels
a year ago
Popular interest in true crime has risen exponentially over the last few years. Between intriguing documentaries like Making a Murderer, and incredible investigative podcasts like Serial, it's no surp...
Top 11 Japanese Crime Fiction Novels (Translated into English)
a year ago
Riddled with reflections on mankind and the dark corners of our psyches, crime novels have a unique ability to give us much more than the simple story it directly portrays. They burrow into the things...
Top True Crime Podcasts of 2018
a year ago
Our fascination with true crime in unmatched. Cold cases, serial killers, unjust sentences—the world of true crime is no longer limited to daytime TV. And podcasts lend themselves perfectly to the tel...
Best Investigative Journalism Movies
a year ago
Journalism isn't just about good writing. Arguably, it's barely about good writing at all—though that is an important part of it (I mean, even the most fascinating stories can be ruined by bad writing...