Monica Bennett

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I am a retired high school and college teacher. I have taught forensics, biology, chemistry, ecology, and Earth science.. Long Island has been my home for 60 years.

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Fraud, Forgery, and Fun
a year ago
Fraud, forgery, and hoaxes can be serious crimes—but every once in a while, they prove a point, bring fame, or set someone free.
Economic Terrorism
a year ago
If you thought your business only had to worry about gangs of criminals in darkened basements printing funny money that an astute employee would find, think again. Most have heard about North Korea's ...
Counterfeit Goods
a year ago
The list of goods being counterfeited today is both staggering and alarming. In the picture above, the Viagra on the left is the real deal, on the right, a fake. Now, you might not be put-off by a cou...
a year ago
All violent crime is about power, and arson is no exception. When you imagine the devastating fury of uncontrolled flames, you are imagining an exercise of power that boggles the mind. Whether the ars...
a year ago
There is so much misinformation about autopsies in fictional TV, movies, and books, that it is time to set the record right. The parts of an autopsy are an external examination, Y-incision, removal of...
Old School Fingerprints Just Don't Cut It Anymore
a year ago
Fingerprints may seem old school to people today. After all, we've been using them in this country to catch the bad guys for over 100 years. Now there is an all-you-can-read smorgasbord of new and exc...