Milica Markovic

I'm just your average, everyday word chimp that loves entertainment media and anything creative! I'll also occasionally dabble in other genres.

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Mimo Reviews: 'The Mule' (2018)
11 days ago
I admittedly haven't seen a Clint Eastwood film since Million Dollar Baby, and that wasn't even when it first came out. Yes, I'm guilty of missing out on much of this living legend's filmography despi...
Disney World and Criminology
5 months ago
Even the seemingly definitive tagline, "The Happiest Place on Earth" is conditional, once we swap the Mickey Mouse ears for our thinking caps. After publishing several of my old academic papers, I hav...
Proxy Meets Criminology
7 months ago
Rather than my usual essays, this piece is structured as a script intended to simulate what a conversation between myself and four criminologists across the decades might have looked like in the moder...
Plato's Theory of Justice: An Analysis
7 months ago
By speaking through Socrates, Plato strives to answer two fundamental questions of justice: what it is, and why it is essential in society. Book One of Plato’s Republic presents three suggestions as t...
Why People Kill
7 months ago
We often link murder to individual, irrational actors that deviate from the norm as a result of their psychological abnormalities, and to spontaneous situations that cause temporary disorder within a ...