Marnie Grundman

Runaway Advocate|Expert|Speaker Marnie Grundman is the author of MISSING: A True Story of a Childhood Lost. She has been featured on Television & radio shows such as Breakfast TV, Global News &  NewsTalk 1010.

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Cyntoia Brown Will Never Be Free
16 days ago
Cyntoia Brown was released from prison yesterday, yet she is far from free. She will always be the survivor of rape, of trafficking, and the girl who had to take a life to survive. She will carry with her the triggers that are born of abuse and a childhood that never was. How do I know? Because I was a “luckier” version of Cyntoia Brown. I lived on the streets from the age of 13. I wore the same orange jumpsuit and was incarcerated in Juvenile Hall. As a child of the streets, I was arrested twic...
Nothing Bad Happens Behind Pretty Doors
a year ago
This why so many children end up on the streets; unprotected and alone. Children who run come from all different types of homes. Many of them come from middle to upper income households. Somehow we feel that these children are less likely to be suffering abuse… bad things don’t happen behind pretty doors. The truth is that child abuse knows no boundaries. Abuse doesn’t take up residence in a home because of how big or small it is… Abuse doesn’t know the difference between cash for groceries or f...
Monsters under Your Child's Bed
a year ago
According to the FBI, 1 in 5 children ages 10 — 17 are solicited online. Do you know 5 children?