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Kinky girl trying to be the best I can be. I love teaching and learning about bdsm. [email protected]

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Famous Cults
a day ago
I already did a whole post about scientology and what a cult is, they are both on my page if you want to click my name to read them. This blog will just be highlighting some other famous cults. Heaven...
5 days ago
So cults are hard to understand. Sometimes a lot of them are more hidden than others. So what is a cult? What do they do? There are several categories or definitions of cults—here are some of the most...
22 days ago
So I decided to continue the 31 posts of creepy even though it is no longer October, but I missed a few days so here we go. A lot of you may not think of Columbine as creepy, but some of the stuff tha...
The Jodi Arias Case
3 months ago
Now the only person that calls this case the real life "fatal attraction" is me, but after you read this post you may see why I call it that. There had been Dateline episodes and Lifetime movies done ...
'Perfect Sisters'—A True Story
4 months ago
So I saw this movie on Netflix. I was instantly intrigued. Perfect Sisters is about two Canadian sisters who killed their alcoholic mother to end the abuse and neglect. I know that sounds crazy but he...