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9/11 Conspiracy Theories
10 days ago
I want to say that I don't mean any disrespect to any victim, or their families. I just want to share all sides, these are all just theories. The main theory is that George Bush, and all his people kn...
Famous Bombers
a month ago
I want to start this off by saying I don't mean any disrespect to any victims or families of the victims. I just think it's important to learn about horrible things. If we don't learn about history we...
Ted Bundy
2 months ago
Recently Ted Bundy has gotten some attention thanks to a Netflix documentary, and an upcoming movie staring Zach Efron as Bundy. Women have been tweeting about how hot they think Ted Bundy was. It has...
Andrew Cunanan
3 months ago
So this story is so creepy and crazy. If you haven't heard this story or you haven't heard of Andrew buckle up it gets weird fast. Andrew Phillip Cunanan was born in August 31, 1969 in California. His...
Elisa Lam and Kenneka Jenkins
4 months ago
I wanted to tell these stories together because they are so similar. There is so much information out there but I will try to tell as much as possible here and tell what I think about these cases. I j...
Famous Cults
4 months ago
I already did a whole post about scientology and what a cult is, they are both on my page if you want to click my name to read them. This blog will just be highlighting some other famous cults. Heaven...