Kate Adams

I have worked in the Medical field for 13 years before continuing on to working in several business offices as an Administrative Assistant. My passion though is writing; with the hardest part, for me is what to write about.

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Colton Harris-Moore
a year ago
It is hard to understand what goes through the mind of a child who has the home life and diagnoses such as what Colton had. It is not that often when someone of his stature takes law enforcement on a ...
Chad Alan Lee
a year ago
When I moved to Phoenix Arizona in 1985 I never thought, in my wildest dreams, I would meet some of the people in which I did. The wide array of personalities was captivating to say the least. Many of...
Jodi Arias
a year ago
First and foremost, my sympathies go out to the family & friends of Travis Alexander. So young with much life that no one will be able to continue experiencing. I lived in Phoenix at the time Jodi "fe...