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Why Do Women Fall in Love with Convicted Killers?
9 months ago
Some women are positively crazy for serial killers. Ted Bundy was a mass murderer who wrote fan letters, reportedly received hundreds of love letters from young women when he was incarcerated. Richard...
What Is Murderabilia?
a year ago
Let's cut right to the chase here: What is murderabilia? Murderabilia, also sometimes known as "murderbilia," is a term first coined by Andy Kahan, the director of the Crime Victims Office at the Hous...
10 Innocent People Who Were Put to Death
a year ago
One of the biggest arguments against the death penalty is how difficult it can be to prove someone's guilt beyond the shadow of a doubt. Even with modern forensic science, the justice system makes mis...
Signs Someone Might Murder Their Spouse
a year ago
Let's face it: We've all thought about killing our spouses before. If you've thought about it, who's to say your spouse isn't also thinking about killing you? If you want to have any hope of surviving...
Best True Crime Documentaries of 2018
a year ago
Whether to chronicle landmark trials or speculate about unsolved mysteries, the true crime genre is filled with a variety of addictively morose stories. Some of these filmmakers seek justice for those...