Jodi Roberts

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Laid to Rest
a month ago
I am still breathing so I know that I am alive. I can't see anything. I open my eyes, but it is pitch black and my eyes see only darkness. No sounds to give me a clue as to where I am. Am I in my bed ...
Lost Lovers
2 months ago
"Hello, is this Samantha?" I asked. I actually knew that it was her already, I would know her voice in a crowded coffee shop. I have been watching her for a while now. I found her as I was searching f...
The Doll House
2 months ago
This is fun, although you probably would not agree, unless you have been caught and are now sitting on death row. I have the perfect location and nobody will ever find it. It is so far into the depth ...
Death by Chocolate
2 months ago
It had been a long day for Bridgett, she was an RN at the Trinity Hospital, and had just pulled a double shift. Walking towards the door, she heard Shelly at the front desk call out to her. Turning ar...
Disney Fun
2 months ago
It was close to quitting time and Mitch hadn't the patience to run the roller coaster one last time. He'd been stuck here for 10 hours, watching the people get on and get off. It was an endless cycle ...
Nursery Rhymes
3 months ago
I don't know what my folks were thinking when they scribbled my name on my birth certificate. It doesn't exactly scream strong and intelligent woman over here, but it suits my job just fine. People he...