Jessica Critch

The Secret of Iris (Pt. 3)
a year ago
The first weeks of my time at SJCF was a whirlwind. Learning how to adapt to a new home and lifestyle is always challenging, but especially for a four-year-old. Kaylee and Megan guided me through ever...
The Secret of Iris (Pt. 2)
a year ago
From the moment I stepped into the Sullivan Juvenile Correctional Facility, my life took a different trail than I had ever imagined. I was robbed of so many childhood experiences. My first day of scho...
The Secret of Iris (Pt. 1)
a year ago
The sound of clanging bars, angry whispers, and grunts replaced the sound of my parents' voices. Most children have their first memories being a trip to Grandma's house or jumping off the diving board...