Jenny Reed

Twenty-something based in Toronto. Lover of horror, true crime & pugs.

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Serial Killer Deep Dive: Edmund Kemper
a year ago
Everyone gets pushed to their limit at some point in their life, but just how much can you handle before you snap? Today we're going to take a look at arguably one of the most intelligent criminals in...
Serial Killer Deep Dive: The Vampire of Düsseldorf
a year ago
Everyone has their kinks, from bondage to roleplaying and everything in between. Typically most kinks aren't considered outrageous or dangerous... but what about getting off on killing animals or peop...
On Death Row
2 years ago
It was my second year of college and I was in a lecture about homicide and serial killers. My professor was extremely passionate about all things morbid so this was probably my favourite class that I ...
Jim Jones & The Jonestown Massacre
2 years ago
WARNING: this article contains graphic content & images, including an audio recording of the mass suicide at Jonestown which may be disturbing to some people. Do you ever wonder where certain expressi...
Serial Killer Deep Dive: John Wayne Gacy
2 years ago
Clowns. To some they're joyous characters who entertain children, to others they're terrifying monsters. With horror films such as Clown and the 2017 remake of IT, it's no wonder why some people might...
Manson: Inside the Mind of a Murderous Cult Leader
2 years ago
Mind control. Thought manipulation. Brainwashing. It's all terminology that people hear in the movies. But what if this isn't a movie? What if there was a man who was able to command people into killi...