Jennifer Reinolds

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No One To Save Me - Part 4
10 months ago
No One To Save Me – Chapter 4 Before indoor movie theaters there were drive-in theaters where everyone parked outside in front of a large wooden screen. You would set the speaker inside your window. T...
No One to Save Me Part 3
10 months ago
The first time I witnessed Walter kill someone, I was about 6-years-old. He rushed into the house to get me and my little sister, Tina (not her real name). One of the tactics he used would be to act e...
No One to Save Me Part 2
10 months ago
Chapter two How I got into his room, I don’t remember. After all, I was only five. My so-called father was trying to shove himself down my throat. I choked and gagged and resisted and told him that it...