Iggy Paulsen

Iggy Paulsen is a fan of anything and everything wholesome. He loves his two dogs, hiking in the woods, traveling to Aruba, building DIY projects that better humanity, and listening to motivational speakers. He hopes to eventually become a motivational speaker himself.

The 11 Scariest Books About Serial Killers
5 months ago
A serial killer is the real-life version of the boogeyman. They are murderous, they are evil, they are monsters that live inside human bodies, and they can be anyone in your neighborhood—even the coup...
10 Hazing Deaths That Shocked College Campuses
9 months ago
How far would you go to make friends? Would you join a school organization? Would you pay monthly dues so you could hang out with them? Would you guzzle drinks, get beat up, or let your "friends" drop...
10 Signs That You're Dealing with a Child Predator
a year ago
It's every parent's worst nightmare—finding out that your child has been a victim of a pedophile. It's something that will traumatize their child for life, and will harm their ability to have a normal...
10 Facts About Al Capone That You Didn't Know
a year ago
When it comes to legendary criminal capers and murderous mafiosos, not many names are as well-known as Al Capone. The man who made a killing by bootlegging and slinging guns is one of the most famous ...
10 Crime-Related Industries You Didn't Know Existed
a year ago
The idea that crime doesn't pay is pretty laughable. In America, we have a very lucrative criminal system that tends to give birth to a number of different industries relating to crime in one way or a...