Edward Anderson

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Mob Gone Wild
a year ago
It was a game of who’s worse, the porn purveyor or the mafia? The answer always changes depending on who is being asked the question. Though there was a moment in time when Joe Francis, creator of the...
50 Shades of Brooklyn
a year ago
Another day, another man committing a crime to defend his lover allegedly. The hero fantasy is something that many people will admit to having and yet sometimes that particular fantasy takes a turn th...
Belt Buckle Attack
a year ago
It’s a scary time for people who are not straight White men. Seems like a facetious statement until you consider that hate crimes against gay, transgender, and people of color has risen exponentially ...
The Forgotten McScam
a year ago
Do you want to be an instant winner? It’s hard to imagine anyone saying no to a question like that, especially when the prize money is a million dollars. There is a group of people who would argue tha...