Edward Anderson

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Happy Matricide
7 months ago
"You gave birth to your own death," Electra Euripides warned mothers of homicidal maniacs. By and large, society is still shocked when a child kills their mother. The female parent is still, by and la...
Mean Girl Murder
7 months ago
"In a way, bullying is an ordinary evil. It's hugely prevalent, all too often ignored—and being ignored, it is therefore condoned." What an incredible quote from Trudie Styler. Bullying today has chan...
Pieces of Me
7 months ago
"I specialize in murders of quiet, domestic interest," Agatha Christie said when asked about her books. The case of Lisa Marie Velasquez is one that would have made a great book if Christie had writte...
Email My Alibi
7 months ago
Does anyone believe that murderers tell the truth? After putting together Love You to Death, a true crime book, I can safely say that answer is no. However, one Manhattan man takes the lying game to a...
The Crimes of Aaron Burr
7 months ago
"Well, hate the sin, love the sinner..." Alexander Hamilton sings in the hit musical based on his life. While the lyrics are pointed at Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, they could as easily apply t...
How the Daughter Stole Christmas
8 months ago
"We do stigmatise teens a lot and see them as scary and alien," best-selling novelist J. K. Rowling tweeted. Ah, the drama of being a teen. Parents don't understand, teachers are evil, and the couples...