Edward Anderson

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Confession Coverup
5 months ago
“Very few of us are what we seem,” Agatha Christie once said. This story seems like it was taken right out of the pages of the bestsellers novels, alas it is a true story of creed and an alleged moder...
Cannibal Competent
6 months ago
Here’s a pro tip for all the straight guys: When your girlfriend (or fuck buddy) asks you to eat her, she doesn’t mean like a hamburger. That should go without saying, but here we are. 36-year-old Jos...
Movie Set Heist
6 months ago
Some things are just too good to be true. This was my thought as I was recording an episode of Drunk Gossip, my podcast. There was a missing segment that needed to be filled, and then my celebrity gos...
Mob Gone Wild
6 months ago
It was a game of who’s worse, the porn purveyor or the mafia? The answer always changes depending on who is being asked the question. Though there was a moment in time when Joe Francis, creator of the...
50 Shades of Brooklyn
6 months ago
Another day, another man committing a crime to defend his lover allegedly. The hero fantasy is something that many people will admit to having and yet sometimes that particular fantasy takes a turn th...
Belt Buckle Attack
6 months ago
It’s a scary time for people who are not straight White men. Seems like a facetious statement until you consider that hate crimes against gay, transgender, and people of color has risen exponentially ...