Edward Anderson

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Heart Rake
6 months ago
Remember when Donald Trump told California officials that if they raked the forest, the wildfires would stop? It's a thing that really happened, it became a meme. Outside of the lunacy that a rake wou...
Hoop Where Is He?
6 months ago
Rico Harris always made an impression. If not for his athletic ability, he was recruited by the NBA after he graduated high school, then for his sheer size. At 6'9", Rico would tower over most people....
The (Almost) Perfect Murder
6 months ago
“Have you checked out John’s ex-girlfriend, the lady cop?” Nels Rasmussen would ask the cops time after time about his daughter's murderer. Those investigating the death blew him off as a kook, a grie...
The Mysterious Death of Superman
6 months ago
Kryptonite is the only weakness that Superman has. Sadly, the same could not be said for the first man to portray him on TV, George Reeves. While he was beloved for the iconic role, there were many se...
A Victim of Her Own Lies
6 months ago
“They think because I am young, they think I have all this money,” Anna Delvey sobbed to her life coach during one session. Perhaps she forgot that she tossed money around like it was a water balloon....
The Magician of Manhattan
6 months ago
“Money, like, there’s an unlimited amount of capital in the world, you know?” Anna Delvey said to The Cut when they interviewed her. On the surface, it sounds like the musings of an uneducated girl wh...