Edward Anderson

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Applying for Murder
4 months ago
Imagine going to work one day, nothing remarkable about it unless it's the day someone decides it should be the day you die. Imagine applying for a job, routine fair. Unless decades earlier you had co...
The Double Life of David Meza
4 months ago
Most porn stars live a double life. They have an identity or name used for on-camera work, and another one for their 'real' life. For instance, Stormy Daniels is the porn star that is a thorn in Donal...
The Devil Is in the Fine Print
4 months ago
Always read the fine print. It's common sense advice from people who have been burned by not adhering to the advice they now espouse. One man, Dmitry Agarkov, decided he was sick of the restrictive li...
Love and Murder
4 months ago
New York City, particularly Manhattan, is called the concrete jungle and for good reason. Dreams are made and killed in a flash, just as many of it's citizens are. It's Darwin at its Darwiniest. Howar...
The Well Mystery of Manhattan
5 months ago
Levi Weeks might be the only person to ever have Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton fight a legal case on the same side. Burr would go to kill Hamilton in a duel but not before they successfully argued...
Heart Rake
5 months ago
Remember when Donald Trump told California officials that if they raked the forest, the wildfires would stop? It's a thing that really happened, it became a meme. Outside of the lunacy that a rake wou...