Donald Gray

Politics may be a disgusting battlefield, but it is a necessary vice in our country, and a particular fancy of mine, like productivity and success. These are important facets in the modern world, and must be expounded upon.

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Female Cannibal Killers That Will Make Your Skin Crawl
8 months ago
They loved only one other thing more than murder: human flesh. Jeffrey Dahmer himself would shiver in his boots if he ever ran across these special women, whose blood lusts dug far deeper into madness...
Best Murder Documentaries on Netflix
9 months ago
Netflix is home to a bounty of amazing documentaries, from TV mini-series or full-fledged features, and they're often some of the most interesting around. One of the more approachable and proliferated...
The Best 'Criminal Minds' Episodes
9 months ago
The breakout show that began all the way back in 2005 still continues to excite us by drawing audiences into the literal skulls of their fictionalized villains. They aren't always based on real life c...
Greatest Legal Movies Ever Made
a year ago
Despite the best detective movies, having some of the greatest sleuths ever portrayed on screen, these detectives are very different. In the greatest legal movies ever made, the private eye investigat...
Best Prison Movies of All Time
a year ago
They may not be at the top of everybody's list, and they certainly don't have any cult following of any kind, but prison films are often greatly overshadowed. Some of the best interpersonal confrontat...
Most Violent Prisons in the World
a year ago
If you thought Shawshank was bad, these prisons make that facility look like a holiday resort. From Russia and North Korea, to Brazil and even New York, these are the most violent prisons in the world...