Charles Shi

Charles  Shi. formerly employed by the Aircraft Group of Moog Inc. as East Asia Supply Chain Manager,a whistleblower of the Federal Aviation Administration (“FAA”) on an extraordinary Boeing plane safety threat.

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Boeing Misleading Message Is Extremely Harmful to Flying Public
8 months ago
Counterfeiting safety critical or sensitive parts are time-bombing. Chinese counterfeiting supplier knowingly made the fake safety parts, Moog Aircraft knowingly put them onto Boeing plane flight cont...
Moog Aircraft Quality Refused To Investigate
8 months ago
It does not matter who you are, Americans, Chinese, Japanese, Russians, as long as you board a B737, your plane may run out of runway after touching down and get crashed. Action For Removal Now. No Cr...
Moog Aircraft Have Been Knowingly Sourcing Counterfeit Safety Parts of Boeing Planes, Now Refusing to Remove Them
8 months ago
Moog Aircraft is the leading flight control system contractor of Boeing, Airbus etc. However Moog supply chain management is very problematic. In 2014 Honeywell's accused Moog in a lawsuit of breaking...
Fatal Boeing Plane Accidents Loom in Massive Cover-Up
8 months ago
Before boarding a Boeing 737 plane, airlines pilot/crew and flying public need to question if fake spoiler blocks are on the plane. Reported by Newsday, Pence’s skidding (Boeing 737) plane had inopera...
Truth vs Lie
9 months ago
-An extraordinary aircraft safety threat under reported by mainstream media, more press including press release, TV/radio interviews is appealed. - Chinese-made counterfeit safety parts are allowed on some 500 Boeing planes, not removed due to FAA massive cover-up. -US lawmakers' attention and action is appealed. -Flying public outcry is needed to get the Chinese counterfeit safety parts removed. NBC lately aired a story in which I (Charles Shi) am the whistleblower and the informant on the crim...
An Extraordinary Aircraft Safety Threat Compromising Some 500 Boeing Planes
10 months ago
The matter concerns a verified Chinese criminal counterfeiter supplying safety critical machined Boeing parts to Moog Aircraft Group, compromising some 500 Boeing planes. The criminal counterfeiting was covered up by Moog and not dealt with so far. FAA investigation is reaching 2 violations out of 9. The two violations were abusively minimized by FAA failure of oversight. Other more serious violations are willfully neglected. Current press coverage has not exposed the most serious violations. DO...