Charles Shi

Charles  Shi. formerly employed by the Aircraft Group of Moog Inc. as East Asia Supply Chain Manager,a whistleblower of the Federal Aviation Administration (“FAA”) on an extraordinary Boeing plane safety threat.

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Will Boeing Remove Chinese Fake Critical Parts for Safety?
5 months ago
A petition is launched for the criminal investigation. The FAA committed a crime to knowingly and willfully give "materially" false statements to Congress concerning a scam of massive Chinese counterf...
The FAA Committed a Felony Covering up the Chinese Counterfeiting
6 months ago
Aviation whistleblowers have often been labeled as “disgruntled employees” by the companies they’re seeking to expose, they are more likely champions of the truth. A matter of massive Chinese fake saf...
Fake Boeing 737 Spoiler SPOFs Are Cracking or Breaking
6 months ago
SPOF = Single Point of Failure plane parts are regarded as parts of safety-critical, IF the SPOF fails, planes will be difficult to control or even crash. Boeing Is Blamed for Massive Chinese Made Cou...
Boeing Bails Criminals Out Amidst a Massive SUPs Scam
6 months ago
*SUP= Suspected Unapproved Parts Boeing is blamed for massive Chinese made counterfeit parts knowingly installed and kept on its B737 Flight Control Systems. Boeing and FAA turned deaf ears to whistle...
Why Did Boeing Conceal That Its Planes Are Unsafe?
6 months ago
Boeing failed to warn the airline industry about a potentially dangerous feature in its a new flight-control system that is suspected to play a role in the fatal Lion Air crash in Indonesia a few week...
Boeing Blamed for Massive Counterfeit Parts Knowingly Installed and Kept on Its b737 Flight Control Systems
7 months ago
Lawsuit against Boeing over Lion Air crash demands Chicago jury trial.The lawsuit alleges that the two-month-old Boeing aircraft was unreasonably dangerous. The cause of the crash was blamed for fault...