Celeste Jackson

An aspiring writer and poet currently living on the East Coast with her husband and two rowdy dogs. More work can be found on allpoetry.com, thebluenib.com, and in the poetry anthology "Circular Whispers." 

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5 Grizzly Halloween Murders to Go with Your Candy
2 years ago
We've all heard our fair share of Halloween horror stories—it's what the holiday is all about after all—but rarely do we put much stock into the warnings our mothers issued from behind wagging fingers...
L'Inconnue de la Seine: The Unknown Woman of the Seine
2 years ago
In the last shivering years of the 1880s, as France teetered on the edge of a decade that would bring political upheaval and worldwide attention, the body of a delicate young suicide victim was fished...
Who Put Bella in the Witch Elm?
2 years ago
In the Spring of 1943, four young boys — Robert Hart, Thomas Willetts, Bob Farmer, and Fred Payne — found themselves picking through the shaded depths of Hagley Wood. The group had crept onto the Hagl...
Australia's Greatest Unsolved Mystery: The Case of the Somerton Man
2 years ago
At 6:30 a.m. on December 1, 1948, the body of an unidentified man was found posed as though in peaceful sleep on Somerton beach, just south of Adelaide, Australia. The discovery of his corpse, its hea...