Ben Kharakh

Manic pixie dream goth. With appearances in Fortune, Vice, Gothamist, and McSweeney's.@benkharakh

Why Are We So Fascinated With Serial Killers?
8 months ago
Serial killers have become an enduring part of contemporary popular culture thanks to a certain je ne sais quoi, and that has more to do with us than with them. We want to be able to understand serial...
10 Signs Someone You Know Might Be a Serial Killer
9 months ago
You think someone in your life might be a serial killer? Cool your jets, Clarice Starling, because that's quite the accusation! Does your friend have a full back tattoo of William Blake's Red Dragon? ...
10 Ways Prisoners Use the Internet
9 months ago
Access to the internet has become so crucial to maintaining social ties and education that many consider it a utility and even a human right. There’s a push, then, to empower the most vulnerable and d...