Author Faheem

Self-published author of the Vicious, These Boots Too Big, Generational Curse & Rough Stuff. Faheem is a native of Newark, NJ. His works contain a strong positive message & shines light on struggles that all readers can relate too.

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6 days ago
Welcome to the Capital of the Hustle and Bustle. Raindrops fall but that doesn't stop the dollar bill from exchanging at all. One way or another you're going to spend some money in New York City. No m...
7 days ago
The cheap multi-purpose, rubber sole shoes squeak as 18-year-old Robbie Mc’Clain is marched along a spotless corridor. "This your first time in the jungle?" Officer Williams makes small talk while the...
12 days ago
5 AM: The new shorter, funkier 2017 H4 Hummer cruises down the carnage streets of Essex County. Pabst Blue Ribbon Brewery Company, Cooper's Deli, and a cemetery filled with tombstones and mausoleums c...
13 days ago
Raindrops tap and peck at window panes and rooftops. Puddles of water overflow from filthy unsanitary gutters. Motors hesitate and stutter before they turn over. The temperature has dropped reaching a...
17 days ago
“Knuckle Up guard your grill this is real if you ain't-a Gunner than you're a goner. Violate we going to do you.” “Shoot them up, bang bang doing what we have to do is our thing. If you ain't-a Banger...
Generational Curse
25 days ago
Clickety clack, heavy rain drops tap and splat against window panes, trash cans, and wherever else they designate to land. In apartment 862 the smell of fried Tilapia lingers. The freshly squeezed lem...