Angie Robinson

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20 Must-See Netflix Crime Documentaries
4 months ago
Hurry up, before Netflix lets them go!
'The Departed' Is One of the Best Movies of All-Time
10 months ago
Hi there. Yes, you read the title right. I'll give you my reasons in a moments time. First off, I need to be clear—there are the genuine classics that will never be trumped. Jaws. The Godfather. Beetl...
My Time in County Lock-up
10 months ago
As a first time female inmate, all I can really say is those jumpsuits are comfy. Growing up, I never would've seen myself behind bars. Even as a high schooler, I didn't engage in any criminal (to the...
The Horror Inside Us
a year ago
A very wise man once told me there are five types of horror: Man vs. Man - your classic killer, slasher film. Run Billy, he's got a knife! Man vs. Mother Nature - fighting the elements can always be s...