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'American Vandal' Season 2

Let's review the second season.

American Vandal, season two, came out on Netflix last Friday and I watched it all in a day. It was really good. As most fans were, I was worried it wouldn't live up to the first season, and while it did lack in some areas, it overall stood on its own legs. It's an impressive follow-up to an iconic first season. 

The second season is about a turd burglar. Their first crime is poisoning lemonade and making everyone in their Catholic school shit themselves. The first two episodes had me dying. They were so funny and well done. The middle of the season was a bit lacking but it was still enjoyable. 

I like the approach that I think they're trying to take with making it an anthology (possibly). It's a really interesting take on this. It's nice to get a whole new crime in a new season instead of just dwelling on the same things. 

One thing the second season did better was closure. The person that actually did the crime got punished for it. Some people will like the ending of season one better, but I really enjoyed seeing the criminal get the punishment they deserved. 

The first season definitely had more memorable characters in my opinion. I felt bad for Dylan from the start. You got to really see how dumb and vulnerable the kid was. But in season two the guy accused was annoying most of the time. I felt bad for him sometimes, but other times I just really didn't. I thought he was kind of an asshole and most of the time I kind of thought he did it. I didn't want him to have done it, but he was just not a good person. The only reason I felt bad for him was that I know people like him in real life. Too smart for their own good. 

Something both seasons did really well was making the characters seem like believable, real people. As I stated previously, the guy accused in season two reminded me of people I know. While Dylan is a bit over-the-top in being dumb, I still recognized people in my life that are like him. The writers have a real grasp on teenagers and how they communicate with each other without making it unbearable to watch. 

Another thing both seasons did well was how kids use social media. They were really grounded in reality when it came to this stuff. The writers obviously have experience in this department. They used social media in clever ways both seasons. I appreciated that, as most shows centered around teens or social media usually use outdated references. 

The explanation at the end of who did the crime was really well done. It was interesting how they brought in all different types of information from all of the different episodes. It was really clever and left almost nothing out.

Overall, both seasons are great and I was not disappointed with season two. I'm hoping they get a season three that they can make even better. Hopefully, we get some mention of Dylan in season three as well, as most fans really wanted to hear more about his situation. There wasn't really any mention of him in season two. 

I'm excited to see what they do if they get a season three, which they most likely will (fingers crossed). I was really impressed with how this show turned out overall, as most people, upon seeing the trailer, may think it's stupid. It's a really clever show. Hopefully, next season is even more ridiculous crime-wise. The writers' minds must be insane. They really seem like cool and genuine people. 

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