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A Night I Won’t Forget

A Hostage Situation

I woke up on normal. I went to normal. I drove myself to my class, at normal. It was a normal day. And after a long day of classes, I decided I should get something to eat. It was seven PM I hadn’t eaten since lunch. Real life is hard. College is such a different experience than what I had lived before. I just wanted something quick, so I just went to the nearest fast food restaurant. Simple and fast. That’s all I needed. I walk into the restaurant to find out that there is a very long line. I pull out my phone and start browsing social media. I hear the door open behind me. I hear a shotgun cock. 

BAM! A shot is put into the ceiling. Everyone freezes. My entire life flashes before my eyes. Everyone I care for...everything, it will all be gone soon. 

"GET ON THE FUCKING GROUND!" the gunman yells.

The entire restaurant is in panic. Everyone is on the ground. People crying... Chaos.

I'm behind the gunman. Wishing that I could go back to my "normal day."


I assume that he is trying to get money and all that. I have to think of a plan or else I'm dead, and the same goes for everyone else. I couldn't let that happen. I saw the little kids faces. sitting there, terrified, confused, and unsure of what was going on. I had to do something.

I was behind him. I could sneak up on him. Grab the gun. Take him out. I was a reasonably fit guy. I could do this. 

He was yelling at everyone, telling them if they moved, they were dead. I got up from my knees quietly. I stayed low to the ground, and walked slowly towards him. Others stared as I went. I was now about four feet from him. He noticed that they were looking behind him. He started to turn, but as he did, I dove for his knees and he dropped to the ground. He struggled as I beat the hell out of him. His gun was cocked and he fired. BAM! Some of the shotgun's pellets flew into my arm. I screamed in agonizing pain, but the adrenaline kept me fighting. I grabbed the gun and smashed the butt of the gun into his skull. He somehow pushed me off. He made a run for the door. I left the gun on the floor, along with some of my blood. 

I burst through the door right after him. Yet, I didn't see him anywhere. I heard a clatter from the roof the restaurant. There he was. A nearby dumpster allowed me to jump swiftly onto the roof. I felt like a real super hero. This is what it felt like to bring justice. 

As I got onto the roof he saw me. We ran at each other. Trying to push each other off. The battle was intense. Fists thrown everywhere. Impending doom was lurking for one of us. He had me in a headlock. I somehow escaped, and then pushed him, with all the strength I had. I pushed him with every muscle in my body. I pushed him, and felt justice run through my body. His body toppled off the roof, onto the cold, hopeless ground. I was the one who saved them. 

The police arrived a couple minutes later. They handcuffed the lousy bastard and sent him to the hospital first. I sat on the roof bleeding. unsure of how to get down. 

"Hey kid, what are you doing up there?" A police officer asked as he got out of his car.

"Oh, uh sorry, I just threw a guy off a roof... Also I was shot earlier and I'm bleeding pretty badly. I think I might need some help."

"Holy fuck, kid! You did this. You saved a lot of people. Hey, guys we need help over here! We can't let this hero die!"

That's right, he called me a hero. I'm a hero. I definitively won't forget tonight. 

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A Night I Won’t Forget
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