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50 Shades of Brooklyn

Lies, deceit, and sex compromise this sordid tale of murder.

Another day, another man committing a crime to defend his lover allegedly. The hero fantasy is something that many people will admit to having and yet sometimes that particular fantasy takes a turn that is dark. Christopher Membreno is evidence of how the hero fantasy can turn into a nightmare of epic proportions. In an instant, four lives were changed because of two decisions that cannot be unmade. One man is facing time in jail, and another is dead because of one woman.

It all started with a panicked phone call Membreno received from his girlfriend; she was raped by two men. It was all Membreno needed to hear as he and a group of friends headed over to the Park Slope apartment where the threesome had taken place. When they arrived, they found the victim, Manos Ikonomidis leaving. Membreno swears that murder was not on his mind, "I just wanted some f---ing justice, I wanted to hold him until the police got there." Of course, claiming that he doesn't remember killing Ikonomidis because he was high does not help Membreno's case. The police evidence also suggests something more sinister afoot. Given that the victim knocked on a neighbor's door and said, "They stabbed me! They stabbed me twice! They stabbed me! I'm so sorry." That suggests that Membreno and crew went over with the intention of inflicting pain.

Police arrived on the scene to find the body of Ikonomidis covered in blood, and there was no doubt that he had breathed his last breath. What is in doubt is why all of this happened in the first place. Membreno's girlfriend, who remains unnamed, swears that she did not consent to the threeway that took place in her home. Her lawyer, Joseph Mure spoke on her behalf, "She's claiming that she was raped, that it was not consensual and that she said no over and over again," Yet, police do not believe this version of events.

The police believe that the girlfriend was a willing participant in the threesome with Ikonomidis and Jack Doherty. It is believed in the police department that she was willing until Ikonomidis began filming the scene. That's when she called Membreno and set in motion something that has changed all of their lives forever.

For his part, Membreno seems to be shaken by the theory that the cops have set forth and regrets acting without having a clear mind. He told The New York Daily News, "I threw my life away for a f---ing lie? My life is over because of a f---ing lie?" While he is awaiting trial, he is in Riker's Prison. His (ex) girlfriend hasn't made a public statement on her own, but Mure says, "She's not doing very well. She's having a very difficult time. She is upset about everything that transpired." Though nothing else has been said about the police alleging that she consented to have sex with Doherty and Ikonomidis. In more than one way, this is a classic he said/she said situation. The police must have evidence that the girlfriend agreed to have sex with both men, perhaps the alleged video that was taken by the victim? However, she maintains her stance that she was raped and that needs to be taken seriously.

Was this a case of a woman lying about being raped? Alternatively, was the victim guilty of forcing himself on a woman? The only people who will ever know the true story are Membreno's girlfriend, Ikonomidis, and Doherty. With one of the three having been murdered, the other two aren't speaking to the public. In either case, a sexy fantasy has been tainted by a sordid situation, where there are no good guys. Everyone is a shade of grey.

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50 Shades of Brooklyn
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